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Danielle Deckard Amnplify Exclusive – Australian Video Premiere for “End of the World”

Written by Kae McKenzie

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New Jersey-born, Sydney-residing musician and singer-songwriter Danielle Deckard released her debut EP, End of the World in June of last year. To celebrate the one year anniversary, a deluxe version featuring five new acoustic tracks drops this Friday, 8th July. Today, we at Amnplify are proud to premier the intimate, live acoustic video of the title track, which joins the release, along with performances at a handful of cosy venues up and down the east coast including Hobart!

The video, shot at Danielle’s (old) apartment, shows her accompanied by Paul Dougherty on acoustic bass guitar and cajon. Interspersed with interior shots of candles, strumming fingers and a steaming cup on the window sill, producer/videographer Mitch Noakes captures Danielle in her element. The video is simplified to match the stripped down acoustic rendition and perfectly captures the earnest sincerity with which Danielle approaches songwriting and performing. Opening her home as the setting for the video makes the message of End of the World all that much clearer: she’s not here to waste any more time.

.Danielle Deckard End of the World.

The music is framed by audio outtakes of Danielle as her charming, slightly awkward self, pointing out the sounds of a plane flying by the window [and obviously putting off the recording process] and stating she can’t speak properly. End of the World does a lovely job of claiming Danielle’s identity as a musician with few visual cues outside of the music-making process. What you see is the essentials: two people and their instruments, making music. It serves as a terrific preview to her upcoming live performances.

The music is the priority here and you have the opportunity to see it firsthand at her live shows.

.Danielle Deckard End of the World Tour Australia 2016.

Connect with Danielle!

Official WebsiteFacebook Instagram Twitter – Triple J Unearthed


Kae McKenzie

July 7th, 2016

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