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Homepage for the Homeless

Written by Maggie Sapet (VIC)

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Homepage for the Homeless

Homepage for the Homeless allows you to promote the Australian music scene, encourage people to purchase music legally so royalties go to the creators, while helping tackle youth homelessness in Australia. is a website initiative set up by ad agency GPY&R for the Australian not for profit organisation Ladder, a charity backed by the AFL who tackle youth homelessness by giving them a place to stay, which also runs programs that assist young peoples’ transition to independent living and also help restore their belief and confidence.

The homepage includes keyholes that link to a range of websites for different brands. These brands, in this case iTunes, have agreed to donate up to 15% of money from purchases made on their site by people who have gone through the website. The site is just one extra step for people to make and the donation comes at no extra cost to anyone, users or artists, but the brands involved.

The predominant keyhole is the link to iTunes. We want to get as many people as possible that buy or are going to buy music off iTunes to click through the homepage beforehand. This is where you, the artists and industry supporters, come in. We need help spreading the message to music lovers and who better to spread awareness then the people who are making the music they buy? All we ask you to do is spread the word through a simple social media post and we wouldn’t say no to a sneaky shout out.

This is a win-win-win situation: for promoting your favourite Australian music artists, for the legal purchasing of music and tackling youth homelessness in Australia.

Get involved today by posting the below poster on your socials – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…anything you can think of.

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Check the Homepage for the Homeless website here!

Maggie Sapet (VIC)

August 14th, 2014

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Maggie Sapet (VIC)

VIC, Australia Ever since I can remember I've wanted to be a music journalist. Plenty of people I say this to try to tell me that such a job doesn't exist. I aim to prove them wrong and continually aspire to be the best music journalist I can be. I completed a Master of Journalism at the University of Melbourne in 2013 and now I'm 100% focussed on becoming a music journalist, in saying that though I'll be the most untraditional of journalists. I write the way I speak and I like it that way. I hope to showcase independent/unsigned Aussie & sometimes international bands and artists. In saying that though, I'd also love the opportunity to speak with acts signed to the majors too. The dream is to interview the bands who mean the world to me, for their music and everything they stand for as well as who they are as people - Fall Out Boy and Mallory Knox! It will happen one day, I truly believe that! "Where words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen

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