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Laneway Festival @ RNA Showgrounds 26/01/17 (Live Review)

Written by Rohan Osborne

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As the sweltering hot Australia Day festivities rocked around the country, Brisbane was celebrating for another reason, Laneway Festival! Compared to the sticky rainy day that Laneway was graced with last year, the heat and sun were a welcome change. The line to get inside was overflowing into the street when I arrived.



Tame Impala


First up were Triple J Unearthed winners, Confidence Man. What a band. The two energetic singers danced around the stage from the get go. With the crazily dressed drummer and keys player the four piece had the crowd grooving and moving their whole set. 

Koi Child were up next: a colourful mix of soulful jazz and hiphop. With a set full of intricate verses and wonderful solos the group was dancing and enjoying themselves, the energy leaked out into the crowd and they were all having the time of their life.

Jess Kent followed  with a set full of her own original banging tunes and covers, including a Rage Against The Machine cover. This girl is so talented, going from singing to rapping to playing guitar. All accompanied by her excellent drummer.


Camp Cope


Camp Cope blessed the stage next, with an almost full pagoda, the three-piece started their set with a thanks to the traditional owners of the land before blasting into a set of continuous bangers. The crowd was singing along the entire time, barely missing a note. One of the standout sets of the day for me.


Nicholas Allbrook, the lead singer of Pond, is always a time and a half. This man is in another world when he performs, seeing artists out of their usual setting is always an awesome thing. With psychadelic vibes and an entirely outstanding range of pedals, Nicholas Allbrook was a sight to behold.


Next up with the lovely GL, with a wonderful blend of pop, electronic and funk this lovely lady had the moves and tunes to get the crowd grooving. I don’t think she stopped dancing from when she got on stage to when she left. Her set was one of the most fun the entire day.


Julia Jacklin was next, right in the middle of the Laneway heat this songstress provided a welcome reprieve from the more punk bands playing on the same stage. Giving us song after soulful song her set was enjoyed by all who witnessed.


White Lung

Energetic and in your face White Lung were up next. The four-piece punk group were highly spoken of and I had to see what all the fuss was about. It’s hard to explain how energetic and fun their set was. I’ll say what everyone has said to me, see White Lung as soon as you can.


Tash Sultana, what do I even need to say. This girl has taken over the Australian music scene lately. You’d be hard pressed finding someone who doesn’t know her name and every time I see her play I’m reminded why. Following a local elder’s welcome to the land, Tash played one of the most emotional and energetic sets I’ve seen from her. The energy and enthusiasm she has while performing is out of this world. The crowd was roaring when she entered the stage and I don’t think there was a moment of silence from when she started till she finished. Her crowd interaction was next level, ranging from getting the entire audience clapping to chanting along. An incredible human with incredible talent, go see Tash Sultana play. Whenever you can.


Luca Brasi played next, the Tassie legends always bring a massive crowd and today was no exception. Even in the sweltering heat the punk legends had the crowd noshing and singing along for the whole set. The energy that those 4 have together is infectious, the crowd feeds off it and they feed off the crowd. It’s always special to witness a Luca Brasi show.


DD Dumbo, one of the Triple J stars this year. I’d only heard his music on the radio a few times but the crowd was amazing for his set. With a plethora of musical instruments spread between himself and his band it was clear to see that we were watching something special. His mastery over everything he picked up and played was really incredible.


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, their name alone is longer than some band’s sets. This is a band that continues to impress me every time I see them. With one of the sweatiest pits of the day along with a overall craziness this band was wild from the first distorted chord they played. The crowd chant to bring them on stage was almost louder than the speakers alone. What a band.


Mick Jenkins was one of the only hip-hop artists left on the lineup after Young Thug pulled out. The Chicago based rapper had the crowd jumping and shouting from the very beginning. Fans and newcomers alike were bouncing and grooving. “DRINK MORE WATER” was a chant with a double meaning, finally letting the crowd in on the joke at the end of his set revealing what he means is seek more truth. Drink more water is his slogan now.

Gang Of Youths. Crowd favourite Gang Of Youths showed everyone why they get added to almost every festival lineup. This band is something else, with an energy to match some of the best, they put on one of the best sets of the day. The entire crowd was dancing, moaning and yelling lyrics back at the every lovely GoY.


Dune Rats


Dune Rats are always a treat to see, today was no exception. The room smelled of weed as soon as the infamous three piece stepped on stage. After a gimmick skit about Young Thug, whom they were replacing, the boys played one of the wildest and crazy sets I’ve seen from them. The crowd interaction was insane as usual, nothing short of amazing. With a set full of crowd surfers, mosh pits, shoeys and stage dives. As is to be expected from Dune Rats. Shout-out to the security during this set for keeping everyone safe.


Next up we’re the lovely Glass Animals, what a set they put on. This band was one of the ones I was most excited to see today. With soaring vocals and exciting and enticing instrumentation these lads had the whole crowd moving. A lighter reprise after the punk lords in Dune Rats the crowd had the same enthusiasm throughout. Each song ended with an incredible uproar of approval, met by smiling faces on stage as they led into tune after tune of pure funk and fun. The vocalist had some of the greatest dance moves ever, the interaction between all the band members was truly special. Ending their set by slapping a pineapple and throwing it into the crowd I don’t think I’ll quickly forget this set.


Glass Animals


Following this set was Tchyo, a four piece instrumental band. While not being the most upbeat or energetic band they gave a nice medium in between the chaos of Laneway. A much more relaxed and chilled set than anything else today. Accompanied by beautiful visuals on screen behind them this set was a lovely reprise.


Nick Murphy FKA Chet Faker. He may have ditched the moniker but you can’t change a beautiful voice. With his new name and new direction it’s clear to see he is definitely in his own element now, even when performing his old well known tracks. The crowd and Nick fed off each other’s energy, it was a special set. The crowds response to every song was loud cheering and whistling, for the entire hour. Nick’s revamp seemed to give him a new energy. I’ve seen Chet Faker perform a few times but they all paled in comparison to the energy and grandeur of Nick Murphy. Chet Faker might be done, but Nick Murphy is just getting started.



Finally, to finish off the wonderful day of music, food, alcohol and dancing were the lovely Tame Impala. These festival veterans showed everybody why they’re one of the most successful Australian bands at the moment. From confetti to CO2 canons, the crowd had full on audio visual experience. 

Kevin Parker has such a lovely voice; all their songs are so intricate and yet so easy to sing along to. The crowd took this to the fullest and belted out lyrics all while grooving to their heart’s content. 

Thank you so much to Laneway for having me again, here’s to a wonderful year next year!

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January 27th, 2017

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