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Man With A Plan sets a new direction for artist management

Written by Dave Bruce

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As the founder and CEO of Amnplify, Dave is ready to share some of his skills with artists looking to carve their way through the minefield called the Music Industry.

“We have built a platform here at Amnplify and have plenty of resources at hand to help an artist get seen by the public,” said Dave. “I have been around this industry for a while now and have developed my business skills over the last forty years. I am ready to use that knowledge to help artists work out who they are, where they are going and how to get there. I will use my relationships, contacts and the Amnplify platform to work with artists, whether new or established.

” I, and the team I have around me, intend to provide our advice at really affordable rates so that artists can easily access our experience. We plan to charge for our time and leave the artist with 100% ownership and full control. If the relationship develops into a full blown management relationship, that’s the time for joint partnerships and for raising the bar.”

To create a business like Man With A Plan has been a goal of Dave’s for some time. The time is right and Dave’s approach to life suits this creative and adventurous approach. “Personally, a few years ago I decided to do what I want with who I want. I love mentoring our crew here at Amnplify, and I love the whole music scene. Live music, finding new artists and collaborating for mutual outcomes is my type of fun,” says Dave.

If you have the need, Dave has the passion and skill to add value to your pursuits.

Sound good? Give Dave a call today. It’s free and it may be the best call you’ve made in a while.


Man With A Plan


Dave Bruce

June 2nd, 2015

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Dave Bruce

My nickname is "The Amnplifier". Why? Because around here my focus is on being a conduit for providing greater outcomes than people come here for. My day to day "work" is living in the moment, and I love helping others concentrate on finding their connection to themselves through their experiences. Why start a music environment? The truth is I love music, I love writing, and I love life. I work with musicians every day, and I feel certain that I will be until they put me in the ground. I have been managing people in businesses of some sort for over thirty five years so along the way I have developed some "wisdom" from my regular and constant "observations". Amnplify your experience. That is what we want you to do here, and if you want to let me know why you do, or don't, you can always catch me on the Your Blog page. I have a regular spot there so let me know how you are going when you get the chance. Enjoy the new website, and enjoy the ride here as we keep introducing more all the time.

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