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Skegss + Pist Idiots + Los Scallywaggs @ Transit Bar 13/01/17 (live review)

Written by Benjamin Smith

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“I’ve seen the future of Rock n Roll and it’s name is Skeggs,” said my companion. I couldn’t help but feel like she might have been right. The packed house at Transit Bar, seemingly composed of nobody over the age of 19 except us, was going completely fucking mental. Stage diving and crowd surfing to the point where the band begged them to stop, smashing booze from their sneakers, falling into each other, sprawling over each other and embracing the kind of reckless debauchery that only being 18 allows. It was like a cross between a frat party and a roman orgy.

Skegss is all the things that great rock n roll should be. It’s young, it’s loud and it’s dumb. Everything about this band is simple and fun. The riffs, the lyrics, the whole ethos. They prove that music doesn’t have to about anything; it doesn’t need a point it just needs a sweet groove and a place to be. Songs like “Eat it”, “New York, California” “Fun and “Heart Attack” flow into each other seamlessly.


Skegss | Britt Andrews


Kicking off the show, Sydney four piece Pist Idiots launch into their similarly inane but impossibly likeable brand of surf(ish) punk. It’s the epitome of music written specifically for the cosmically baked. And the babyfaced crowd loves every second. Canberra audiences can be notoriously tough to warm up but not this lot. It was bouncing Chuck Taylors and peach fuzz as far as the eye could see.


Taking over from the Idiots, garage-punk-surfer-pop three piece Los Scallywaggs continued the theme and dialled it up a notch. They were just as fun and just as stupid and the crown responded with just as much joy. There is something so infectious about this whole sound. The other noticeable thing about these fans is that the pubs must love them. They drink. Hard. And yet zero aggression. Ideal, right?


When the Byron based Skegss hit the stage the place is in full swing. One of the great things about seeing bands like this is that, unlike many of their peers, they feel no need to tell confected and contrived stories intended to hint at some emotional depth. Instead, between tracks they just smash beers and laugh at each other. Audience members clamber up on to the stage and only when it’s too crowded to play are they told to get off.


Thank Christ for bands and shows and nights and crowds like this. If ever you feel like the whole thing has gone horribly Kanye, grab a ticket and go see these idiots do their thing. It’ll blow your fucking mind.



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Benjamin Smith

February 6th, 2017

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