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The Secret Things – All The Way Down (Single Review)

Written by Phoebe Kwan

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The Secret Things is a new rock band on the scene that formed out of a friendship, with a common love for all things loud, trashy and rock’n roll. Cynthia Catania (vocals/guitar), Dan Nelles (drums) and Steve Giles (bass) have just that and the result is The Secret Things. They recently premiered their debut single and music video All The Way Down.


The Secret Things

The Secret Things video for “All The Way Down” is out now.


Right off the get go, the track opens loud and strong. The intro is full of strong guitar riffs and solid drums that build up with each bar. The verses pull back and predominantly features Cynthia’s vocals and the drumbeat, while the electric rock guitar in the chorus pushes forward.

The music video for this single also shows us the three-piece in action. The band is all dressed in black with the notable exception of Cynthia’s bright pink wig. The video also makes references to female sexuality and the #Blacklivesmatter movement.

There is a definite bad-ass attitude underlying the track and Cynthia’s voice really nails it. Paired with the heavy guitar riffs, this track sets the tone of what we can expect from The Secret Things. Be sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming release, Shock Diary out October 27th. 




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Phoebe Kwan

September 28th, 2016

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