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Name Peter
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Your areas of interest ? Blues, Grunge, Punk, Rock
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Your areas of interest ? Drummer
What describes you the best ? Photographer


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Your Location Sydney, Australia
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Pete Coates is based in Sydney, Australia, and shoots freelance on behalf of a number of webzines and other publications.
He has been passionate about live rock music since his first live gig (The Jam - 1977), and inspired to take up drumming by seeing Rush in 1978.
Pete's first experience shooting bands came when his boss in the UK loaned an old SLR for any gig where he got front row tickets. Some very poor photos of Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Dio etc resulted from gigs in the early 1980s, and are best left in the archives.
Pete’s focus was on playing, until 2011 in Sydney, when he took his camera to a Sony showcase for THE NEXT, and was the only photographer present. The photos got used on the CD cover.
Plenty of unsolicited emails to bands, managers, webzines and PR Agents allowed a portfolio to build up, and Pete now enjoys shooting bands he loves, as well as bands that are exciting to shoot - from unknown rock bands in small venues, to major international acts in arenas.

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