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Your Location Adelaide
Email Address kay.cann.photography@hotmail.com

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Name Kay
Last Name Cann
Age Group 35-49
Phone Number 0432112778
Post Code 5000
Member Option AMN Member

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Your areas of interest ? Blues, Folk, Indie, Grunge, Punk, Rock, Other…….
What describes you the best ? Photographer
About Me


I am a member of the AMN Photography Team based in Adelaide.

My passion for photography started in the darkroom developing my own negatives in high school and I have always wanted to merge my love for live music with photography. Fast forward a few years, you will find me in a camera and or mosh pit whenever I get the chance. I love a wide range of music including but not limited to Indie, Grunge, Punk, Metal, Blues. I get a thrill out of watching new bands find themselves and grow!

Capturing that moment and "feel" of a gig is addictive and my aim is always to share that with you.

I am also a newborn photographer although I am yet to merge newborn and live music together... yet ;) If you have read this far cheers and for that you get a few random extra facts "about me" 1) I <3 Grug so much I have a tattoo of him so he can travel everywhere with me.  2) I have a thing with Buttons so if you have spares send em my way, in particular colourful and unusual ones!

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