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Significant music milestones; discovering a cassette of The Beatles and playing it continuously in my mum\'s car when I was 8, sitting criss-cross applesauce next to a record player listening and staring in wonder at Kate Bush\'s The Kick Inside at 13, and being front and centre at a De La Soul gig at 18 and realising that hip hop was my first love.

Sometimes I pretend that I\'m Stevie Nicks\' candle handler hanging out with the SoCal crew from 1974-1979. Other times I like to fantasise about being one of the hype men on the ATCQ reunion tour.

I sing like a superstar in the car, I know the entire dance to Wuthering Heights and I\'m great at quiz nights. Reviewing for Amnplify is my opportunity to bring together my 2 passions writing and music, rather than spamming the comments section on YouTube with how many feels I have about the new Taylor Swift video.

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